Areas of Treatment


Do you struggle to parent your child effectively?
Has your child experienced a loss or tragedy?
Does your child seem more sensitive, reactive or spirited than other children?
Does your child struggle with peer relationships or experienced bullying?
Do you find it hard to relate to your child?
Does your teenager seem more withdrawn or aggressive than others?
Does your teenager struggle with peer relationships?

Therapy with children and adolescents is not as simple as applying strategies used for adults in a child-friendly way. The unique needs of children and adolescents require specialized approaches that understand and respect human development and, therefore, require specialized expertise.

Not all children fit the models provided in popular parenting books so instead of trying to fit your child into a mould, consult with a specialist who can help you create a model that perfectly fits for your child.

My job is to help parents and caregivers better understand their children and help them to relate in a way that optimizes family functioning. With the support of a skilled therapist children can learn new skills, overcome difficult or traumatizing experiences, and lay the foundation to be the best version of themselves.

Areas of concern:
behavioural struggles
domestic violence
school difficulties
attention problems
difficulties with peers


Human beings are interconnected and we rely on healthy and mutually benefiting connections to grow and be well. The connection formed in therapy is unique and is the basis for change, allowing clients to heal, learn and grow. My job as a therapist is to provide this unique incubating space where growth can occur -to provide perspective, new ideas and strategies that may not otherwise be evident.

Although popular images of psychotherapy in main stream media have, in some ways, helped to normalize psychotherapy they have, at the same time, propagated myths about the process. There remains a sense of mystery and associated stigma attached to going to see a therapist.

The idea of talking to a stranger about your most intimate thoughts and experiences can seem strange to say the least! I recognize how hard the first session can be and it is my hope that you will quickly feel at ease. Together we can come up with a plan for your health and wellbeing.

My knowledge and training in play and expressive art therapies allows me to connect with adults in ways that more traditional talk therapy does not. The arts allow us to  tap  into parts of our brain not accessible when strictly relying on language and we, therefore, process experiences in a more whole brain/whole body way.

Areas of concern:
Relationship concerns
Life transitions
Family conflict

Parent Consultation

Many people have questions about their child’s functioning but aren’t sure what path to take to address them. If you’ve wondered whether your child needs extra support but aren’t sure what that might be, a parent consultation is a place to start.

Perhaps you have questions about your parenting approach or you and your partner disagree on important parenting values. Speaking with a therapist with expertise in child development can help you explore new ideas, better understand conflict that might be arising and decide whether you need to pursue further services for your child.

Parents considering or in the early stages of a marital separation can benefit from a consultation to discuss how best to talk to your children about the separation, how children at different developmental stages may react, and how best to support them during the transition.