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We are moving!!

Sorbo Psychological Services is so excited to be partnering with Katharine Chapman, MSW, RSW at InShift in a new office space. On February 5, 2018 we will begin welcoming clients in our new space located at 1314A 15 Avenue SW, T3C 0X7.

Our offices are located on the upper floor of a century home on a quiet residential street with free street parking (yay!).

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year all! The holidays can be so joyous for many and also so painful for some. I hope that this year brings hope to everyone.

I’m super excited to be starting this year with a move to a new office. I’ll be moving my practice in February to a great space with a dedicated playroom! The new address is 1314 15th Avenue SW, only a short distance from my current location.

I’m also really excited about partnering with Katharine Chapman at InShift in the new office. Many great things will come from this new venture!

More details to come….

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Early Childhood Development and the Brain

Came across this video by Dr. Bruce Perry. Really brings home the importance of relationships in a young child’s life.

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Parenting an Adolescent in the 21st Century

Big shout-out to Sheetal Pallana and his team @RichardsonGMP for inviting me to speak at their downtown Calgary office. We had an almost sold-out crowd of interested parents to discuss the roller-coaster that is parenting a teenager. As expected, a popular topic was the challenge that social media poses both for teens and parents. Big take-away -stay connected to your teen.

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