Recommended costs for psychological services are set by the Psychologists Association of Alberta and are partly covered by most extended health insurance plans. Some companies also have Employee/Family Assistance Programs that provide free brief counselling. Please note that fees charged by psychologists are not covered by Alberta Health Care. Please contact me if you have concerns about the affordability of services.

How long?

Each therapy session is 50 minutes in length.

Typically I recommend weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

The number of sessions is dependent on the therapy goals set out during our first meeting. There is no obligation to continue with therapy if you are unsatisfied or cannot afford to continue.

For child/adolescent therapy, the first session is for parents/guardians only. After meeting with the child 3 to 4 times, I will meet with parents/guardians again to review progress.


Free street parking available on 18 Street SW.


All your contact with a psychologist is completely confidential. Exceptions to this include when there is suspected child abuse, if you are at physical risk to yourself or to someone else or in the case of court proceedings. In the case of child/adolescent therapy, all guardians of the minor have access to the therapy file information.

I am divorced/separated. Does my child’s other parent have to attend?

By law, all guardians must consent to counselling services. Unless you have a sole custody order or a court order for counselling, all guardians must consent to the child meeting with me. If your child has contact with his/her other parent, therapy is often more effective if all parents can participate in some capacity. I request that both parents attend the first session.

What can I expect during my first meeting?

Whether you are coming to address your own concerns or those of your child, the first session is an opportunity to get to know each other, establish your therapy goals and get going on finding solutions.