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The CEO of The Centre for Newcomers in Calgary talks about her experience of depression. She makes some pointed comments about speaking to children about mental health.

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Happy New Year!

Typically this time of year is a time for looking forward, setting goals, renewing commitments and turning the proverbial new leaf. But not me! I want to take a moment to look back at December to tell you about a fantastic conference that I spoke at. The #2016ParentConference: Beautiful Things by #access52 was a packed morning of inspiring speakers all focused on the beauty and challenge of parenting. Each speaker inspired the audience to challenge themselves to find beauty in the messiness of parenting children and adolescents. I truly hope that everyone in attendance walked away feeling uplifted and with renewed confidence. I am so very proud to have been invited to participate. Thanks #access52 !

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Happy #backtoschool

Happy #backtoschool everybody!! This can be an exciting and sometimes stressful time of the year for families. Remember to breathe…. it might take a little time to get back into the swing of things but you’ll get there.

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Crying can be good for us

The ‘Other’ Reason Babies Need To Cry (and why it’s parenting’s best kept secret)

I just read this interesting article about crying. I’m curious about what other people think about it. I hesitate to take everything as scientific truth, despite some quotes from doctors, but the author raises some worthy points.

I certainly agree about the value of tears for both children and adults. What I think is so crucial are the statements about the importance of being with and supporting our children when they cry. Often it’s not about fixing something but about providing security, reassurance and meaning to those tears. Many people really struggle with this idea of “being with”. So many of us just want to fix the problem and move on. It can be hard to understand the value of being a witness to emotional pain especially if we think of these emotional displays as signs of weakness.

Especially for children who often don’t have language for their feelings, having a caring adult to help provide meaning to overwhelming feelings can be essential for healthy emotional development.



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Talking to Children about Death and Tragedy

Several tragedies have been in the news recently and I am reminded by how challenging it can be for parents when faced with the question of if and how to address the events with their children. Of course, there is no simple answer because your response will depend on your children’s age, personality and emotional maturity. I found this article on the Hospice Calgary website that has some good information. Hospice Calgary has several helpful articles on how to support children with issues related to grief and loss.


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