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Crying can be good for us

The ‘Other’ Reason Babies Need To Cry (and why it’s parenting’s best kept secret)

I just read this interesting article about crying. I’m curious about what other people think about it. I hesitate to take everything as scientific truth, despite some quotes from doctors, but the author raises some worthy points.

I certainly agree about the value of tears for both children and adults. What I think is so crucial are the statements about the importance of being with and supporting our children when they cry. Often it’s not about fixing something but about providing security, reassurance and meaning to those tears. Many people really struggle with this idea of “being with”. So many of us just want to fix the problem and move on. It can be hard to understand the value of being a witness to emotional pain especially if we think of these emotional displays as signs of weakness.

Especially for children who often don’t have language for their feelings, having a caring adult to help provide meaning to overwhelming feelings can be essential for healthy emotional development.



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Talking to Children about Death and Tragedy

Several tragedies have been in the news recently and I am reminded by how challenging it can be for parents when faced with the question of if and how to address the events with their children. Of course, there is no simple answer because your response will depend on your children’s age, personality and emotional maturity. I found this article on the Hospice Calgary website that has some good information. Hospice Calgary has several helpful articles on how to support children with issues related to grief and loss.


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Recent airline tragedy

Like everyone, I am so saddened by the recent airline tragedy in France. So much loss…. I can’t help but think how this incident draws attention to the seriousness of mental illness and the importance of seeking help. Here are some good resources in the Calgary area:

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Infant Brain Development

Hi there! I don’t know about you but I am having a hard time adjusting to the fact that it’s already the middle of January. Where did this month go?! The holidays can be a great time to reconnect with family and friends but for many it can also be a stressful time. I hope you were able to rest, connect and recover. I took some time to catch up on some reading and came across a great article in the National Geographic Magazine. I am just fascinated with brain development and especially infant and child brain development. There are so many parenting books, websites, “experts” in everything child rearing, etc. but I think that, fundamentally, the more we know about children’s development, the better caregivers we can be. Stay tuned for further posts on this topic but for now here’s the article. Enjoy!



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Hello! Welcome to my first blog entry.

Joining the blogosphere is a little intimidating. There are so many demands competing for our time on a day to day basis and if you’re like me, if the first couple of lines of any online article doesn’t catch my attention I’m gone. That’s a lot of pressure!

In the months to come I hope to keep this blog relevant, interesting and easy to read. So today, is just a little about me. After working for and learning from other (fantastic) people for a long time I decided that it was time to follow my dream and jump into my own private practice. There are so many other great therapists in Calgary and I truly believe that the variety of expertise in this city adds to its richness. As I’ve started out on my own many people have asked me what sets me apart from all those others? The truth is, that’s a hard question to answer. A large part of what works in counselling is the relationship between therapist and client but training and experience matters. What I can say is that I have had the great honour of being trained by some of the most respected experts in the field of child and adolescent therapy. That training culminated by becoming fully registered by the Association of Play Therapy ( Play therapy is a specialty recognized the world over as a developmentally sensitive approach to working with children in therapy. More on this in future blogs….. I also completed a certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy. This expanded my toolbox for working with adolescents, adults and families.
I believe strongly in lifelong learning and so I continue to seek out opportunities to learn and deepen my knowledge by attending courses, workshops and regular consultation.

I often find it hard to describe to people what I do in my office every day. There’s no simple explanation but people are curious because it’s a little mysterious to them. “So you don’t have a couch?”, people ask. No, no couch, just comfy chairs. “It must be so hard to listen to people’s problems all day”, people say. It is, but it’s not. It’s humbling is what it is. It sounds so cliche but it is true! I’m always touched and amazed at the courage that my clients have when they sit across from me and allow themselves to become vulnerable; to witness the moment someone gains important insight about their life or makes a decision to change something. I work hard every day to ensure that I am worthy of that honour.

Thanks so much for checking out my site. Stay tuned for future posts on play therapy, brain development, parenting struggles and more!

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