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Adult ADHD

ADHD continues to be a misunderstood neurological disorder. Typically associated with childhood, most still assume that ADHD doesn’t exist in adults, a myth that contributes to many adults struggling with negative symptoms and the shame, frustration and negative self-image that often result. In addition, the presentation (i.e. range of symptoms) varies so much from person to person it can be difficult to identify and often people are simply labelled as “scattered”, “lazy”, or “irresponsible”.

As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I can relate to these struggles. I was fortunate because I had so much more information about ADHD than most before I was even diagnosed (I actually diagnosed myself and then went to a specialist to confirm my suspicions!). When I speak to both children and adults about ADHD I encourage them to think of it the same way they would diabetes. We have brains that work differently, just like people with diabetes have a pancreas that works differently. Sometimes that “differently” creates difficulties and sometimes hidden gifts.

CBC is screening a new documentary tonight on The Nature of Things on adult ADHD.

For more information on ADHD, here are some reliable sources:

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